Friday 6 November 2015

Third day of ballasting

We're trying to remove the long storage pile at Little Buckland, but more keeps coming from the quarries.

You can see we have taken quite a chunk out of it, as it used to reach almost up to the bridge. Just when you think you are getting somewhere, another lorry turns up. We had 4 today, and another 6 are expected on Monday.

While 2 of us were loading and bringing up the ballast, Steve was in the JCB levelling the dumps from the last two days. He's already done quite well here, this looks almost ready for track laying.

This shot of a load going up gives you an idea of the distance remaining to be covered. We got to the 400m mark, working back from bridge 4, and this is about half way.

This is where we got to after another wet and drizzely day. We reckon the tree on the left is about half way back to bridge 5.

Rail will be dropped on to the 400 sleepers tomorrow Saturday. We have enough rail in store to get us just north of bridge 5. By the time the relay gets there, we need to have cleared the remains of the long pile, and replaced it by Terram and 8 ins of level ballast. We shall probably be on this job for most of next week then.

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