Sunday 14 December 2014

Clearance doing well

A walk down the extension trackbed yesterday taught me an interesting fact.... you can do clearance while sitting down!
OK, OK, joshing time over :-)

I have to say, they do a neat job, and the short break they allowed themselves was deservingly comfortable. Here they are, 10 minutes later:
Gone !

Clearance is now working on both sides of the high embankment at Laverton at once, moving back towards the bridge.

Here is a view of progress, looking back towards the current rail head. With a crew of 11 today, several areas were being addressed at once, witnessed by the two fires going, left and right.

Our passengers will enjoy the views... in this case out west, towards the (Dumbleton?) hills. A line of 4 deer ran across this field only moments earlier. Beautifully rural.

Once the current stretch from the railhead to the start of the curve has been cleared, the gang will move northwards to clear the stretch to Little Buckland. Beyond that, the embankment is already clear for several hundred yards.