Saturday 22 November 2014

More rail is delivered

On Wednesday the second half our our 800m order of rails was delivered to Toddington. The 40 rails came delivered over 3 lorryloads, and were unloaded at Toddington on to two E.L.K. bogie flats.
The first load of rails is unloaded at Toddington

Andy Smith stacks them neatly on the ELK
Afterwards, the new rails were taken up to Laverton, where they will remain loaded, ready to shunt them nearer to their final position on the day.

 At Laverton this morning the train of empty hoppers had been shunted on to the extension, with the two ELK leading, nearest to the 'front line'.

This is a view of the two loaded ELKS out front. The recently cleared Malvern side of this fairly high embankment is on the left. Clearance continues in the distance. The gang has reached a foot crossing, and has turned around and is going back down the Cotswolds side, towards the camera.
Here the clearance gang have just started the day's task, on the Cotswolds side. Despite the drizzle, they soon had a good fire going.

In this view back towards Laverton, you can see the clearance guys working on both sides at once. The PWay train stands on the headshunt in the distance. You will get good views from here.

Both men and women work on clearance - why not join them, it's healthy ! I have added a link to their site on the right in the list of related links.

Clearance will continue here for another month or so, before the JCB comes back to grade the trackbed. If time permits, the PWay may also deliver a few more concrete sleepers before the end of the year. Actual track laying will take place once the operating season has started again. For the PWay now is the time to do those trackside jobs without those nasty trains getting in the way all the time. They have been cutting out crippled rail ends, and are currently replacing the user crossing at CRC.

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