Saturday 16 March 2019

At the races

Friday at Broadway

Such an interesting day, one which saw the first ever race train leave from the station.

Just look at these passengers flood up the newly tarmacced drive! They have come from London on a special excursion, alighted at Evesham, bused down to Broadway GWSR and boarded the 'At The Races' charter there for CRC.
It was windy and a bit rainy today, and this pattern highlighted the shortcomings of the postage stamp canopy over the front door. Look where you had to stand in order to stay dry. The canopy team have a longer term plan to widen the canopy, to include the stone corbels in the facade, which so far have not been used. A 'WAY IN & Booking Office' V board is in production for it.

And here is the first ever 'At The Races' charter from Broadway, headed by Dinmore Manor, about to leave, and filled with happy race goers.

Here is Dinmore manor with the first ever At The Races charter just leaving Broadway station, this day of 15th March 2019.

May there be many more.

Meanwhile, the car park saw about 20 customers, and once again there was confusion over the one way system.  What is so difficult about 'No Entry' and 'No Exit' , both signs 15yds from each other?

Meanwhile, back at the footbridge....

We carried on with the foundations for the two gate posts that will support the spearhead fencing in this area.

We had the holes deep enough, but this morning they were full of water and we decided to link them, which made for easier baling.

Then a barrow full of mix, with two thirds of the team on the shovels.

End of the morning saw the foundations of the two posts in place, one post in each hole.

That'll be for Monday then.

What to do in the afternoon? (still waiting for the scaffolding, but we now have an accepted offer)

We had a look at the bottom of the steps on P2. here the stringers were still attached to temporary angles. These will be replaced by square upright canopy extension supports in due course.

As it stand the stringers are not actually resting on anything, so we decided to give them supports of brick and concrete blocks.

Here is John laying the first bricks.

When these have gone off, we will build towers of concrete blocks until the stringers are supported.

Saturday at Winchcombe

A quiet day, with no maintenance going on.

Instead, we prepared the yard for the arrival of a crane and lorry next week to remove some trackwork that is stored in the middle of it.

The trackwork, including this fully timbered turnout in the brambles here, belongs to a third party and is due for removal to an alternative storage site.

There were 11 of us scattered about the yard, clearing brambles, throughbolter chairs for Toddington and decrepid pallets.

Steve here is freeing up a BH turnout so that it can be hoisted away.

Lots of material on pallets stood in the way and was taken away by Alan in the Telehandler, sometimes after re-stacking as the pallets underneath had rotted.

The job took half a day. We broke for an early lunch where a pleasant surprise awaited the team:


  1. Driving standards seem to be getting worse lately, along with those that think the rules don't apply to them. The Broadway car park needs a set of 'alligator teeth' at the entrance to stop people driving out against the 'No Entry' and 'No Exit' signs. A set of new tyres would soon help focus their minds! 😈


    2. They have them at the Childswickham end.

    3. Those directional control gizmos don't seem to be very durable, in my experience. A couple of places near me (e.g. a supermarket was one) had to fit these as part of planning restrictions to stop people leaving onto busy roads. They lasted about a couple of months before they were broken - I assume by many people driving over them. There probably needs to be a several white arrows to show the proper direction, but the surface is this plastic reinforced gravel type so difficult to paint! And people just don't seem to comply with directional arrows in car parks anyway - just today someone came towards me in a car park going against the signed direction!

    4. I paid my first visit in years today and almost went out of the car park wrong way. For me, it looked like the car park area furthest from the entrance was just a 'dead end', it was only when driving in to it that you could make out the exit. Maybe a big notice next to the pay machines would make it clearer?
      Other than that it was great to see the station as I've been following progress on line for ages. Tea room superb too!

  2. When will the webcam at Broadway Station be operational again?.The start of scheduled traffic and race specials were not available to viewers who could not pay a visit.

    1. It's worked perfectly for me all weekend. Are you using the right web address?

  3. Thank you I didn't know that it had changed, I noticed it called Broadway 2 and a different view, will the other come back as Broadway 1.

  4. I have the considerable misfortune to live close to a rather scruffy town here in East Northants.
    Where Tesco is concerned, the anarchistic locals take great pride in entering the car park by the wrong entrance ( there are five to choose from)
    I could have compiled a sort of log to detail how often this occurs but I gave up out of sheer futility.
    It seems to happen just about everywhere. Sad people, or what?