Monday 26 October 2015

Quick update

A start has been made on spreading more ballast beyond Little Buckland bridge. A large supply was stocked here earlier, and in order to let vehicles through - such as one in support of the drainage gang - the piles were narrowed to free up the down line. The surplus ballast was used to make a start on the next bit towards Peasebrook farm. In the far distance you can just about make out Broadway goods shed. Setting out posts have also been planted on the left, ready for the next ballast spreading in the near future.

Looking north towards Broadway
Looking south, towards bridge 5, Little Buckland.
Here is the remainder of the ballast pile, and Little Buckland bridge visible in the near distance. The rail head is currently on the other end of the bend that you can see. We hope to be able to post a further update on Thursday, after a day of sleeper loading, in readiness for the next spurt of track laying.

Finally, a picture of the drainage and fencing that has been going on relentlessly. A very neat job it is too. Ballast piles are on the left, looking towards Broadway and Peasebrook Farm.

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