Wednesday 19 August 2015

Contractors have left.

Just a short post today to say that the contractors have finished the slip, culvert repair and drainage works. They have now left the site, job done.

On site today was our regular contractor at work with the JCB on fencing work and drainage on the Cotswold side.
Behind the red barrier in the picture is the 3 panel gap that was removed for the slip repair. This will be replaced very shortly, the PWay gang being engaged on a number of other jobs around the railway while the repair was going on.
Work is also going on to sort out the many concrete sleepers that we need for the extension. These are located at various sites around the railway, and need pulling out from the undergrowth and sorting into useable and scrap piles, ready for collection by the PWay train still on the far side of the barrier.

There's no firm date yet for the resumption of track laying, but it shouldn't be long now.

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